How Much Does Lawn Painting Cost?

The typical cost of lawn painting services is anywhere from 40 cents to 60 cents per square foot. That means that the average cost of painting a standard lawn is somewhere from $400 to $600.

That being said, there is more that goes into determining the price beyond just the square footage of the lawn. This article will discuss those additional pricing considerations, but if you want a customized quote for your lawn, it’s best that you contact us. All you need to do is answer a few basic questions about your lawn and we can provide you with a free estimate over the phone within minutes.

Is Lawn Painting Worth the Price?

While the cost of grass painting is not exactly trivial for most people, the truth is that it will actually save you money in the end by reducing your lawn maintenance costs. Not to mention all of the time and water that you will save you.

In the case that you are selling your house, grass painting is also a highly economical option. You really don’t want to be giving potential buyers the wrong impression with a brown lawn. Getting your lawn painted could improve your home’s likelihood of selling quickly and for a high price, so the $400 that you invest to get your lawn painted will almost always provide a hefty return on investment.

Other Grass Painting Pricing Factors

There is more than just the square footage of the lawn that goes into how much it costs to get painted. Here are a few other factors that affect how much grass painting costs.

The Local Living Wages

Living wages in a particular area determine how much labor will cost in that area which is a large factor in deciding the pricing. So getting your lawn painted in California for example will generally cost you a little bit more than getting your grass painted in Texas due to the living wages.

Mowing and Debris Removal

It’s important that lawns are uniform in length and clear of any debris before painting to make sure that the end result will come out good. If the grass needs to be mowed or have debris removed off of it, that will require an extra fee.

The Shape

The shape of the lawn can determine how easy it will be to paint without getting any overspray onto the surrounding surfaces. A circular lawn for example will be a lot more difficult to paint than a square or rectangular lawn

Bulk Discounts

As long as the job can be completed in one day, there are a few expenses that are fixed regardless of how much grass we need to paint. For example, the travel time and the amount of time it takes us to clean and put away our equipment is fixed. That’s why we offer bulk discounts for people who need us to paint a larger amount of grass than usual. If you wanted to get 2 lawns painted for example, we would normally charge full price for the first lawn and about 50% less for the second lawn because we are already there with our equipment.


Sometimes we get people calling us in need of same day or next day services because they need their lawn painted before they list their property on the market for example. While we can usually accommodate these requests, we typically charge a little bit more for same day or next day services.


While the pricing is mostly dependent on the square footage of the grass that needs to be painted, there are other factors at play also. That’s why it’s best to contact us to find out what the cost of your grass would be to paint. We are available nationwide and can provide you with a free quote over the phone in a matter of minutes!

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