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Before and After

lawn painting before and after

Benefits of Lawn Painting​

  • It saves you tons of time and money that you would have spent maintaining your lawn
  • Green grass spray paint is 100% non-toxic. It’s actually more of a “dye” than it is a “paint”. That means that it’s totally safe for pets, kids, and it doesn’t damage your grass in any way.
  • The process only takes about an hour so you will have a green lawn in no time. If you had to water your lawn until it tuned green, that would take much more work.
  • Lawn painting is much cheaper than the other environmentally friendly alternatives like artificial turf and sustainable landscaping
  • It saves tons of water
  • It lasts 2-6 months which makes it perfect for the summer months or selling a property.
  • It makes real estate easier to sell. Think about it, a brown lawn is super off-putting to potential buyers when they are looking at your house online or in-person at an open house.
  • It’s nearly indistinguishable from real healthy grass

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

How Long Does the Paint Last?

After years of painting grass for ourselves and our customers, we have observed that grass paint lasts about 3-6 months on average. The manufactures of the green grass paint that we use also confirm this.

How Fast Does It Dry?

Lawn paint drys within 1 hour so you can walk all over it freely after that.

Does Grass Paint Damage The Grass?

No, grass paint is 100% non-toxic so it is totally safe for your grass. Turf paint can even be made at home with just a few simple ingredients.

How Much Does Lawn Painting Cost?

Our lawn painting services cost anywhere from $400-$600 per lawn on average.

How Does the Process Work?

While painting a lawn is a relatively simple process, it still does require the proper supplies and knowhow to do it properly. This article describes exactly how we paint lawns green.

Should You Water Painted Grass?

Once the grass paint is dry (about 1-2 hours after application), it is waterproof and can handle rain or being watered.