Can/Should You Water Painted Grass?

States like California are experiencing record droughts and that is not going to change anytime soon. One of the biggest benefits of painting your lawn green is that you save lots of water. That being said, many of our clients ask us if they can stop watering their grass after getting it painted and the short answer to that question is no. You should still water your painted grass because if you stop watering your lawn altogether, the roots of your grass will die and fall out. Also, you shouldn’t worry about the water washing off the paint. After allowing about 1-2 hours for the grass paint to dry it is waterproof and can withstand rain or being watered.

That being said, you can still water your lawn less than half of what you would have if you were trying to keep your lawn healthy and naturally green. In fact, should be able to water your lawn only once per week and have it still stay alive. This is great because it will save you tons of time and money that you would have had to spend watering your lawn. Not to mention that you will be saving the environment in the process by saving all of that water.

Just keep in mind that if you water your lawn it will obviously grow a little bit and the painted part of the grass will be above the new grass. For this reason, we recommend just keeping the water to a minimum in order to make sure that the paint lasts as long as possible.

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